Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cousin Fun!

Today was another precious opportunity to enjoy family. This time it was my Cousin's wife and little dolly Vivian as our family joined Char and Hannah for brunch at Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Jim's house!
At Aunt Cheryl's all you have to do is think it, and surely your hearts desire shall appear before your very eyes;-)

Judah Christopher endured a tea party with the girls and staunchly stood his manly ground when the they called him "beautiful". No way ladies, I draw the line at good company and drinking from a delicate little cup - call me beautiful and them's fightin' words!

It was delightful to watch Jeanette in all her full-fledged-motherly glory with little Vivie. She has most definitely joined the ranks of motherhood as proven when she reached for a drink of water and (unwittingly) took a swig out of a sippy cup! HA!

Here's the most beloved Auntie of all time: holding Micah. Truly - she is the Baby Whisperer!

And the Uncle who facilitates it all:-)

Here's the crew - all the great grandchildren together on my dad's side (Aunt Cheryl is my dad's big sis)

Thank you Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jim, Jeanette and Vivie!!! We have a GREAT time!


Grace McHugh said...

What dear, sweet memories for this precious children. Memory making is one of the best things to do. The fun part is asking them their memories when they are adults. They will each have a different story to tell about that same day. It is wonderful to hear what was special to them.

Shauna said...

What fun Analene! That little Vivian sure reminds me of James. It must be great to get together with family again.

Momma Bug said...

She DOES look just like James! I'm glad you saw the resemblance too:-)

Boy don't I know about having different stories Grace. With seven of us...
Plus, sometimes I wonder whether my siblings dream up their memories!
"I was THERE for that guys, and I'm older than you. I don't remember a bush by that window!!"

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how sweet!

Diane said...

I love the picture of all those kids! What fun. Such a blessing!

Ashley said...

Such fun! That Vivie is adorable! All of them are. :)