Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WHAT little victories???

I don't know ladies. This evening I would say there weren't any little victories today. It feels that way anyhow! HA! A certain one of mine was pushing the envelope all day and others were tattling, whining, provoking, antagonizing, and foot-dragging (translated: not responding to mom with immediate and cheerful obedience).
Judging by the new picture displayed on my header I know you are shocked! "Not Momma Bug's children - oh NOooo!"

Technically it's probably not true, and to prove it I'll think of something nice to say. Here goes:

My little victory for Wednesday April 29th

This evening when I tucked my children into bed (early, and after a somewhat monotonous lecture) I attempted to end the day on a sweet note by commending each one for something they had dome today worthy of praise.

I sure appreciated you holding Carolina when I was trying to get a picture of you girls. That was certainly a big help!


Thank you for writing out place cards for everyone at the dinner table. I felt so loved to have a heart on mine!


Thank you so much for getting Olivia's clean pillow and bedding from outside and putting it away for me without being asked. What a guy!

It was a pleasure to see your smiling face when you woke up from nap this afternoon. Thank you for your happy heart!


I am grateful to the Lord for reminding me of just a few of His gentle mercies today. I sense that the night is far from over from all the action taking place in a room that should be quiet and still by now, but to end on a sweet note...

thank you for the beauty of the day and an opportunity to be outside enjoying your creation and watching my children play.

Thank you for helping me follow through with the bread-making plan. It was such another little victory to accomplish three new loaves with the doubled recipe!

You are far kinder than I deserve, that I have time still, for some Rocky Road ice cream and some Agatha Christie before getting to bed "early"! :-)
Thanks Lord for having a delightful sense of humor, and such patience with me. Please help that to overflow onto my children that they might delight in you too. I love you!



Diane said...

I'd call getting three loaves of bread made a victory for sure!

I love you!


heidi said...

not your children!!! not mine either!!! Isn't it wonderful when the Lord slips a little something-something special into the mix when it all seems so sour. Like giving birth. That one little special moment can be enough to make all the ugly, hard stuff not seem so bad or be enough to make all that stuff just dissipate. And life is wonderful again. =o)

princessmama said...

Just look at those sweet faces! lol Joshua is giving me a run for my money!!!! That sweet, stubborn little guy is pushing every possible boundary with great enthusiasm. I am at my wits end many times a day. "God, give me wisdom" is becoming a chant!

Good for you for ending the day on a positive note. I'd call that a victory for sure :)

Mommy Reg said...

Those my sweet friend are victories indeed! Some days are indeed harder than others, but I have found that if you look hard enough, those are the days with the biggest victories.

Sisterlisa said...

How sweet!!!