Monday, May 19, 2008

Book for my Boys

Yo ho ho! Look Ye Here:

Since we read Swiss Family Robinson we've been pining for another good "boy" read.
I've been wanting to read Ballantyne's books since I saw them in Vision Forum, and now's my chance if I could win this one!
One of Mother Hen's pirates is giving this book away and I WANT IT!!

(Don't YOU?)

Go take a look at the contest and see if you want to enter too!
If I don't win this fine book, any of you Aunts or Grama's are welcome to buy any of the Ballantyne books for us as birthday or Christmas gifts. (Look at G.A. Henty too)
You can find them here.
You'll also be able to read a little about the Author and his works if you click on the above "here".


Richelle said...

Not to mention Ballantyne is 50% off at Vision Forum right now! They sound like great books!

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Richelle, I noticed that too!!
Think I could talk those Grama's into spending the big bucks?!

Seriously! ;-)

2homeschool said...

Wow, you have been busy blogging away. I missed so many right in a row.

Thank you for your phone call today, I am sorry if I gave you the bums rush. Life seems to be in one of those stages of moving just a little to fast for me.

I am heading to bed tonight with more then half my work unfinished and without blogging. Humph.

My 'boys' are heading off in the morning, (or should I say I am taking them to grannys and dropping them off, sniff, sniff... For a couple of days, sniff, sniff)That probably will mean my life will slow down a little. But at the same time, be a little bit more of a challenge because it will change the dinamics.

ANYHOW, I have not read any of those books, however I found an on-line site to read the Henty books. ummm. let me look.

Here it is:

Lots of great literature on there, but watch for advertisments,... I copied it into a word program so I could read it without the 'unsencered' avertisements.

Talk to you later. Scratch that. SOON!


Ps. Check out the photo's on my friends sight.

Only in Alaska can you have a moose in your back yard! I think I will stick to my dear, they are dangerous enough as it is. Did I tell you about my neighbor who was atacked by a buck? To bad it didn't happen in our house! Yes I said in. It followed her into her house. It's antlers left her with a scar on her arm. It was after a 'foil wrapper'. I am finding foil atracts quite a few animals. Hmmm. I wonder if there is something to learn there.

I had vultures come down the other day and circling the kids. It gave me enough pause that I counted heads a couple of times to make sure I wasn't missing one. They ended up coming right down and landing in the mists of the kids to check out a 'wirly gig' as we call them. I don't really know their real names but they are made with foil and the spin like a windmill.

Anyhow, I could talk for hours, but at that point I might as well blog, and I was skipping blogging so I could sleep... Oh well, it was nice to, well sort of talk with/at you.