Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 10, and Day 11

They come!

My beloved that is, and my sister Emma! Uncle Wyatt too...
It's been a strange 11 days without the men. I sure do appreciate them!
What hard workers, and what a comfort to have a male presence in the house at night!

Yesterday we did school work and counted the hours until today:-)
Today has been a whirlwind of house-cleaning! I probably overdid, but I need an excuse to get to pillows and bathroom rugs. Opened all the windows too.
It's such a beautiful day, and we need to get the stale air out. It does smell a bit more clean and fresh in here:-)

So in conclusion, while I will have lots to blog about, I'm not going to spend my time that way while AJ is here. He's taking off on Sunday for another week, so I'll be back in force on Monday!
Hope your weekend is as nice as mine will be:-)

-Momma Bug


Sisterlisa said...

How exciting! We sure will miss Emma while she's gone. I'll bet ya'all are going to have so much fun together!

When you get a chance I'd like to ask you something. :O)

lisa422 at

Momma Bug said...

Hi Lisa! I am very thrilled to have Emma for a while and DO expect to have fun:-)

I'll email you as soon as possible.


Mommy Reg said...

Have fun with your man while he is home. I have no idea how you can handle him being gone for so long at a time.

Momma Bug said...

Do I have a choice?

Let me know if you see an alternative!!

Seriously J., it has been the Lord's most gracious blessing to have provided me with the precious friendship with Mrs. Smith, and the fellowship we've found in this church family.
That has added a bright spot of color to my life - especially while AJ has been traveling!

We're praying for your family:-)

2homeschool said...

My goodness...

I am glad they are back, but to leave so soon. I am sorry dear. Any hope of the traveling slowing down sometime soon?

I hope so for your sake.

Love you lots.