Sunday, May 18, 2008

What A Week!

It has been an interesting week for me.
I know some of you are probably pining for some pictures of the children, so I will get my act together for you after I fill in the gaping holes of what's going on in our lives.

Daddy Bug packed up my two sons and departed for California on Tuesday. News to you, will be that we sold our house.
This doesn't have anything to do with our Colorado expedition.
Rather the right thing fell into our laps at the right time, and it was time to let go of that very special place.

The biggest "thank you Lord" is that we were able to sell it with a short escrow, and with the stipulation that we weren't going to FIX ONE THING - take it AS IS!
That was/is a huge load off for AJ!

We discovered that we aren't "house project" people at this stage in our lives; when Daddy Bug gets done with work, we like to REST, and maybe even go play, but NOT deal with an over-grown yard, unsided house, fences, driveway scraping, pool cleaning, to say nothing of numerous other projects!

I have no idea what's next, but for now I'm acquainting myself with the word "Gypsy"!!

Anyway the boys went out West because some things needed to be moved out of the house and container, even though we have a few months before the barn needs to be emptied.

ACTUALLY... those fella's deserted us for a more FUN event in the annual Father/Son camp-out at the coast!
I am really proud of Daddy Bug for buying tickets and taking them, because it wasn't a good or easy time to "do" it.
Zack got ear infections after they got there, and by the grace of God, improved enough to still go camping!

"Quiet" might be the word you'd expect to describe a girls-only household, but not so.
Sue got the ear infection thing, and let me tell you, she is not quiet when she's sick!
In between down days, we went thrift store shopping with the Smith's, and last night joined them for dinner and a visit.
Today we even made it to church, and attempted the park afterward.
Unfortunately it was a short-lived event for my girls - we rely on our afternoon nap too much!

All in all, if I have to be a single mother, this is the best-case scenario.
Apart from that positive out-look, I can find very little good in being without half of my family whom I adore!
I can't wait for them to get home tomorrow night!

Susanna was heart-broken when she found out Daddy Bug wasn't taking her on the "Father Daughter" trip too. She was all packed!
(a hug and some Skittles helped ease the pain!)

Waving good-bye at the airport.

I didn't cry...

Sue wasn't up for the park today. (maybe you can even see the skinned knee?)

Olie was my girl for play!

Isn't Carolina sweet?

This is her new outfit from our thrift store excursion!


2homeschool said...

Wow, fab-tab-u-lus, outfit miss. Carolina. I love it. Those are some really great shots of Olie. I am sooooo sorry miss sue got a boo boo. I hope it feels better.

Miss you lots and lots...


Mommy Reg said...

My honey got to hang out with your honey this weekend. I missed my guys so much. Baby G did the happy dance when they got home then tripped and fell into the coffee table. She wasn't happy anymore. Oh, and she had a raging fever all weekend too so it was the first day she was feeling well. Congrats on selling the house. :)

Momma Bug said...

Ahhh! Jamie!
I was think of you this weekend too:-)
I'm expecting my guys home any time (it's almost 11:00pm) can't hardly stand it!
Actually AJ is heading to KY tomorrow for two weeks, so I will barely get to catch up. Maybe YOU could fill me in? LOL :-P

Sorry about baby Gia's bump!