Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Divine Appointment

Soldier in camouflage
Yesterday morning, my friend Mrs. Smith waved a very tearful good-buy to her dear husband being deployed to Iraq.
Not minutes after she left the base with her four small children, did she get a call from Mr. Smith saying that his departure had been deferred another 48 hours!
I think there may have been some emotional conflict between the feelings of gladness in getting a few more hours together, verses the turmoil of having to go through all the good-bye's again.

I had been planning to see her yesterday afternoon, but flexibly changed my plans as hers morphed.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, AJ called me to say that the Smiths were coming to dinner at 5:30, and would I like him to pick up pizza's? YES!

It turns out that he left work a little early in the day, and as he was walking into Wal Mart, out came the whole Smith family!

And so came to be a Party of providential origins.

We had the pleasure of spending the evening with our dear new friends. We were having such a great time as we enjoyed the dinner that my husband provided (and cleaned up afterwards!), that we decided to stretch out the fun with a movie!
We sacked out the kiddo's and dished up ice cream, then settled down to a (good?) action movie!
(What else would we watch? Mrs. Smith and I are saving the chick-flicks for next week when BOTH our husbands are away) ;-P

When the rare occasion occurs that we live so recklessly, I feel lucky to be a grown-up! (Shouldn't I have to ask permission? 12:30 am on a WEEKNIGHT?!!!)

Today I marvel at God's gracious gifts, His providential timing, and the blessing of friends.
How sweet is the fellowship of true brothers and sisters in Jesus!

Please pray for our friends, and especially Mrs. Smith as she says good-bye again, and handles all the affairs of their family while he is away.
Special prayers for her health and the new baby growing inside her womb. You gals know how that multiplies the emotions!!

Thanks Lord for your ever-loving kindness!


Faith Alterton said...

Oh Analene, how fun! (Our boys are admiring the camo outfits!)

Suzanne said...

My prayers go with Mr. and Mrs. Smith for a safe return from Iraq and a healthy pregnancy. They look like such a nice couple- I am glad God sent you friends where you are!

Momma Bug said...


Tell me about it! These were a gift from Gramsie, which Mr. Smith was kind enough to pick up at the post store for us.
The Smith boys have them too- they are exactly what their dad wears.
I will have to get a picture of everyone together in them!!

Until then, it is a little difficult to ge them to wear anything else (especially Clay!).

Faith Alterton said...

The Camo would be GREAT for extended wear though ... no dirt stains! But Where to find them? I'm not in a sewing season right now, and I'm not sure an army surplus store would have the small sizes ... ? Any thoughts?

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

I will keep Mrs. Smith and the whole family and Mr. Smith VERY MUCH in my prayers! I am amazed by the very idea of a husband being gone for such a time. Why just lately I have been feeling like a wreck because Nick has sooo much to do with school finals and projects and feels like forever since we had a good amount of "US" time...I feel so selfish, not for wanting to be with him alone, but for having a sour attitude toward him for something that he can truly not help. He is sooo patient, but I really feel silly when I read about you gals...Pray that the Lord helps me in these areas, so that the time that we DO have together is not spoiled by me and my self focus. I want Nick to look forward to coming home even AFTER he walks through the door. =( He is not half as frustrated (at least it does not seem so) with me, as "I" am with me!

Suzanne said...

We bought all the boys cammies at the Army-Navy store, and yes, they carry children sizes. And a lot of other cool stuff!

This was a few years ago now; I like the new pattern they are currently wearing.

Anyway- they are perfect for playing in. My Hero referred to them as their "summer uniforms."

Momma Bug said...

Not to be outdone by Suzanne, I will add this link for your perusal:
I thought it was pretty cool - notice the air force gear?
As I said, Mr. Smith picked up ours at the military post. It was a gift from Grams, but f.y.i. it was about thirty dollars for three pieces (if I remember correctly).
They were out of the size I wanted, but with some tucks in the waist, and rolling the cuffs, they should last for the next couple years!!!

Suzanne said...

And they will, which is why they are worth the money- It seems they are near indestructable. Thanks for the link- I will check it out!