Saturday, May 24, 2008

Week #8

A couple weeks ago I let the boys try making a cracker out of our sprouted wheat.

Because we don't currently have access to a blender of food processor, we had to get creative!

First I put roughly a quarter cup sprouted wheat berries in each of tow zip lock bags.
Then I sent the fellow's outside with hammers to crush the wheat inside the bags.

After the wheat was crushed (it was not at all fine since they were more eager to get to the baking and eating part!) they oiled a cookie sheet and spread the sticky mess, pressing it flat with their hands.

Finally they sprinkled salt on top, and placed it in the oven at 200 degree's, and baked for about an hour and a half.
(please not that this was an experiment, not a recipe to be followed proportionately.)
I was genuinely surprised at how edible the end result!
It was a tasty, whole sprouted wheat cracker! We probably could have baked it a little longer, but it held together without crumbling into a mess.

The boys said they'd be willing to "live off" it - especially with peanut butter:-)
I'm looking forward to trying this in larger quantity, and also baking it in the Dutch Oven.

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