Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2

Journaling the days while my husband is away, hoping to see that we filled them well, and in greater hopes of having them pass quickly!

This morning ALL my children slept in! I think they a
ren't off California time yet (does that tell ya where their hearts are?)
My boys normally match time changes like clockwork (tee-hee!)!

(And here's a picture of my Carolina sucking on her knuckles! Have you ever heard of that? It's a new method for one in my crew!)

After breakfast we caravaned to Wal Mart with the Smith clan.
Wal Mart might not sound that exciting of an outing t
o YOU, and it's not my favorite store either, but it was a nice outing! We shopped in our separate family groups and interwove here and there throughout the store.
I bought rubber balls for each of my children (the foursquare kind), thinking I might be able to teach them to kick a ball down a field, and maybe dribble too.

I am absolutely NOT athletic in any way shape or form! -At least not in the ball sports department.
However... I do want my children to be comfortable enough with a ball that they are willing to try new things, and not be totally inept when "the guys" are tossing a ball back and forth.

Anyway, it was a big hit to carry a bouncy ball through the s
I was so impressed at how little contact the balls made with the floor while we were shopping, that I turned my head the other way w
hen out of the corner of my eye I saw a contest for who could hold it highest over their head!!

I was delighted today to have many "Do all five children belong to you... you look too young" comments!
Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was smiling... that always throws those people who think it's unlikely for a mother of five to be smiling!

After we grabbed a feast-worth of food at W.M. we went to the park and had a pick-nick.
Here's that favorite dinosaur loaded to capacity!

Mrs. Bryant met us there with her crew later on, and instead of playing on all the magnificent play equipment, they found more pleasure and fascination in digging up one of the parks tree's.
Yikes, home-schooler alert!!!

Imaginations run-amok:-)

Arriving home at 2:30pm, I decided it was too late for naps if I didn't want the same tucking-in scenario I had last night. Everyone rested... and then proceeded to struggle through the rest of the afternoon.
We made Sloppy Joe's for dinner (another new one) and everyone was very gracious.
It appears that we are raising a "meat and potato" family though!

The children went to bed great tonight. I only had to go in there a couple times within fifteen minutes or so.
Going without naps to achieve that result is totally unacceptable! NO WAY!

So... I have showered, am baking cookies, and am chatting with my beloved in KY (his phone is still broke, but this is rather a fun way to communicate for a change of pace!).
Am I on vacation? I t kinda feels like it!



2homeschool said...

Love you for sure.

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like a fun outing.

Cookies huh? I was supose to do my baking today, but it never happened, and I don't see it in my near future.

Tomorrow, I head for J.M.'s for a sleep over.

Must get sleep tonight.

I'll write soon,


The Diane Story said...

I am always amazed how much you fit into the day. I got to watch Mommy Reg's kids, all four of them for all afternoon today. It was fun...but of course I was tired at the end of the day. Not sure how you all do it everyday!

Love ya.

Momma Bug said...

I'm laughing at you Diane! Yesterday felt like an unproductive day!

Also, watching someone else's children is NOTHING like running your own family. Even taking care of siblings when I was at home wasn't the same as my own.
There are things that are quite a bit more challenging, of course, but they mostly fall into the realm of responsibility before God for their souls.
THAT's scary!

Super Momma,
A sleep-over? I'm having one tom=night too! Please give J.M. a hug for me - I always think of her with great fondness:-)
Love you too!!!


Faith Alterton said...

Your park outing looks so fun! Must get in gear and track down the little homeschool group out here. Baby is here. No more excuses!