Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 5

Journaling the days while my husband is away, hoping to see that we filled them well, and in greater hopes of having them pass quickly!

It was a lovely slow day today, at home with my Little Bugs. Clay made breakfast, Zack made Banana bread, we played with our new balls, and Lego's - it was a real weekend day!
(not only that, but my children went to bet tonight without ONE SINGLE PEEP! I can't believe it! Praise the Lord!)

Our Shenanigan's...

Don't you love it when your two year old figures out that great power is wielded in words?

Olivia is fine-tuning the art of being a little sister. Yes she is! Let me tell you from experience that she can compete with the best of them!

She has taken note of exactly what words (spoken in the correct tone) really get her sister's goat!
"Bo-bo!" she says with her chin stuck way out as if firing off the word.
Don't ask me what "Bo-bo" means, because I have no idea, but that isn't really what matters is it?
The point is to antagonize big sister as much as possible. And it works. Reeeally well."Mo-om! Olivia called me Bo-bo!!" She says in tearful distress.
"Yes." I tell her, "and that is because she loves how it bugs you. Do you think you could ignore her? She would soon get tired of her game if she found you weren't bugged." (again, this is coming from the mouth of experience)
Her pouty little face nods in compliance -not the same as understanding, because two minutes later...
"MO-OM! Olivia called me a `Stinky Baw-ma'" (translation: stinky bomber).

Apparently big sister is going to take a while to learn this lesson.

Not so with big brother.
He knows how to win this fight;
He chuckles and without batting an eye he says "Olivia, YOU are the Stinky Baw-ma!!"

Ouch! Truth hurts!

What's next?!


petersonclan said...

AThat is so funny! I remember once when I had four ages 6 and under that one of them came to me craying, "Mama, he called me Peanut Butter!" Exaperatedly I said, "Well, tell him he's jelly and you make a sandwich." Haha.


Momma Bug said...

It's an honor to meet you this way!

I've stopped by your blog a few times and always enjoy a glimpse into the life of a "large" family:-)

You're in KY right? That's where my husband is working right now.
I'm looking forward to having him home again.
We just moved out to CO. from Ca for work, and now he's traveling (not a part of th original plan).

People ask how I feel about moving to Co, and I tell them "I didn't mind that so much, it's AJ moving to Kentucky and LEAVING my in Colorado that I'm not too keen on!!!"

-Yeah... peanut butter;-)
You have to be able to smile!


The Diane Story said...


This gave me a much needed chuckle tonight. Hope you are doing well.

Love you,