Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 3

Journaling the days while my husband is away, hoping to see that we filled them well, and in greater hopes of having them pass quickly!
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An early evening (or late afternoon) post because I plan to be too busy this evening! ;-P

I was all rip-roarin' to get lots done this morning in preparation for the Smith/LoveBug sleep-over tonight.

Not to be.

To make a long story short, I had to deviate from the original plan in order to instruct hearts.
That took all morning (and we're not through yet), but I decided early today that I would be glad for the opportunity to do what is most important to the Lord.
Hopefully whatever it cost today in the chores and hair-fixing department (two of the things that didn't happen today), was more than made up for in eternal reward!

I'm counting on it:-)

Mrs. Smith and I have big plans to scrapbook or sew this evening after we get all nine little ones tucked in, but I have a feeling (this comes of living with a "realistic" husband) we might be ready for ice cream and a movie by that point!

What do YOU think?


Anonymous said...

Helloooo sister!

Just me, em here. Getting ready for the big shin-dig this weekend... what are you up too? Luv your post! Very fun!

I've been visiting with Grampa F. lately. He's fading you know. It's been so very difficult on all of us. One minuet he remembers who I am... the next he's on a completely "different page", as Grandma says.

I just thought you should know that alot is happening here. Of course, there's always alot "going on", but It's not everyday that we have to make such dramatic changes in our lives. I love you Analene. I think we take each of our days on earth for granted. I just thought you should know that I love you!

Please tell AJ I am greatly pleased he was able to find a ticket for me! I'll be roundn' up my pennies for ya when I arive in CO. Oh! Did you hear 'bout the twister that swept through CO today? Thought you might be curious, thats all! (smile)

My, oh my! I'm fighting a nasty cold... or something. At first I was sure it was just allergies, which it just might have been. But know it's turned into a sore throat, and a bad cough, as well as a few magor head aches here and there. Today I ran just a small temperature. Nothing big, for sure. But I'm glad I'm not around the kiddo's right now! Wouldn't want them to get sick!

Love you much! I'll call you later!

'lil sis, Emma Kate

2homeschool said...

Ok, ready to hear your all right. I will check back at the blog through out the day, or I am at J.M.'s so call cell. Sorry, I don't have your number here or I would just call you. =-)