Friday, May 9, 2008

Fried Egg Friday

THIS was Zachary's discovery when going out to the mail box this morning!

Not exactly "Eww", but Yikes definitely!

First we determined that this four foot long guy (with a three inch diameter - did I mention yikes?!!) did NOT have rattles on his tail.

Then I let everyone get a little closer.

The way I got out of letting them catch it, was the truthful fact that I don't know my Colorado snakes very well.
(you never know, there MIGHT be rattle-less Rattle Snakes?!).

I think we determined it to be a Bull snake, and as his hissing told me he wasn't a particularly friendly fellow... we kept our distance!

F.Y.I., I did consider this "school" today! ;-)


2homeschool said...

Yikes is right!!!

I would have been screaming and shewing the children in the opisit direction or just plan old picking them up and running. YOU ARE A BRAVE LADY! I don't come near the garden snakes their daddy catches for them.

Last year we saw a king snake... That turned into like a two week project for us about king snakes.

Whatever it is it counts as school work... Time to pull out the internet and get to work.

Well, I have a little one who has to be a Y.M.'s so I am going to go. Type at you soon,

2homeschool said...

Ps. My children want to know why there is no video of the snake.



Momma Bug said...


I was as level headed as I could have been - sorry about forgetting the video fella's!

Faith Alterton said...

Oh my! (Noah wants to come visit you!) I'm not going to complain about the centipede they found on my wall now!

And, "Fried Egg Friday" ... what a fun idea! Do you have them every week?

~LL~ said... my mind, Satan used the snake and that makes them EVIL! BLECH! Don't like 'em....not one little bit.

Momma Bug said...

Common now Mrs. ~ll~...
You have four boys. Don't tell me you're not accustomed to this kind of circus?!
Not really my thing either, but I think it would be worse to have my fellow's grow up to be sissy men because Momma taught them to be afraid rather than cautious (and that's a fine line if you don't like them yourself!)
Anyway, I got out of this one, and if you want to know my back-up line to the Daddy Bug, check the comments on the post below! :-)

Rebekah said...

Unless you have an awesome zoom on that camera, you were a lot closer than I would have wanted to be!

Momma Bug said...

I DO have an awesome zoom on that camera, and I WAS a lot closer than I wanted to be anyway!!!

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