Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 8

Ahhh.... That's better!

This morning Clayton asked for "iron cut" cut oats for breakfast:-) That would mean "steel cut" for those of you who don't know your oats. To Clay though, it was oats cut by some kind of metal - who really cares about details?!

Susanna informed me that she likes "rumples" on her pant legs - not to be misunderstood for "wrinkles", she actually meant "ruffles".
Who can blame her? She's all girl that one; I'm only surprised that she didn't specify "pink rumples"!
I pinched my finger in a drawer today, and had to hop around the kitchen for a few seconds.
The boys asked what I was doing, and I told them quite frankly "I pinched my finger, and sometimes it helps to do this."
Later in the evening, Zachary came to me: "Mom, I stubbed my toe, and remembered what you said about hopping around. I think it helped!"

Olivia and Carolina were both charming me in their respective different ways today too. I love the ages and stages of both!

Our day included school, shopping, lunch and play at the park, naps, and making cornbread for dinner (Zachary did that one).

The house is quiet, and my husband sorely missed, but
I have a sense that God is so very faithful to keep and protect us each while we are apart. I never take it for granted that my husband comes home safe - even when he works close to home, but there's nothing like distance make me REALLY appreciate the gracious hand of God! Thank you dear Lord!

ne more thing to add... If you are interested in another good blog to read, please take a peek at Grace's Blog.
Grace is sister to my life-long friend Sarah Jane.

She doesn't post as often as some, but really digs deep when she does! I love her style of writing, and the way she provokes thought. I hope you enjoy her too! Make sure you leave a comment for her if you stop by.

All in a day's work,

Momma Bug

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Faith Alterton said...

What a fun sounding day! I love the bit about hopping around the kitchen!