Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time for Change

More creative school-work today! If I'm not careful, I'll exhaust this years allotment of creativity in one week and burn everybody out!

Lincoln pennyUncle Wyatt keeps all his loose change in two bowls on the kitchen counter. Today was the day for explaining the value of each coin, and then having the children count out groups of tens in pennies,
count by fives, and tens with Nickles and dimes, and then make combinations adding up to an amount I would specify.
We had a lot of fun! It would probably take the wind out of their sales if I told them we were doing school!;-)

After they began to get the hang of it, I placed some new pencils, and a couple other items including groups of chocolate chips on the table with price tags attached, and let them shop.
The goal being for them to read the price tag and find the proper amount of change asked for, "buying" the chosen item from mom.

Chocolate chipClay was a little chagrined to find that the chocolate chips had sold out before he got there, which mystified me, since there was a pile for each Little Bug?

The truth quickly came to bare that Sister Sue had helped herself to a second purchase unbeknownst to me! (That isn't shop-lifting, is it?) And don't be too alarmed - each of those "piles" contained only THREE chocolate chips ;-)

Since she confessed when asked, I let it roll and cashed in Clayton's rain-check.
All in all, a very satisfactory outcome.
It was a hoot, and a bit of "school-work" everyone wants to repeat as soon as possible!

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2homeschool said...

Tooo cool, that sounds like fun. I used to carry change in my pocket and I would randomly ask a child how much I had and if they were able to tell me, they got to keep it.

I am alive by the way just in case you wondered. Life has been busy and yet, nothing to report.

I am currently sitting in my car with two (out of six) Children asleep. The other four our in the house with dad playing. (J.M.'s two, just in case your wondering)

We just had a nice visit with your bro, whom I passed on my way home. Going to be a normal accurance around here. He is working on 'our' bridge. A thrill for the kids to be sure.

I am spending half my free time reading the books by Charlotte Mason. (Ambleside curriculum) (Thank you Suzanne). Having fun reading all about it. It's going to take a while though, there are SIX books. :-) Well, maybe I shant read them ALL. You know my reading, almost as good as my spelling

Alright I am going to go. Type at you soon. ~H