Monday, May 19, 2008

Green Bean

This... is "Green Bean".

He has been keeping me company by sitting on my desk while my boys have been away.

Green Bean is the beloved sand-filled amphibian belonging to Clayton Praise,
Sir Green Bean was one of the treasures I found in my Mother's Day gift from that son O' mine!

How cherished I feel to have the honor of caring for little Green Bean - what a thoughtful gift!
Every time I see this little fellow I think of Clay and how much I love him.

What are your plans for that child of mine, O' Lord and King?


Faith Alterton said...

What a treasure, Analene! Green Bean reminds me of a sand-stuffed frog someone made for my Mom's family growing up. We used to love playing with it on visits. Clay's is much handsomer though!

Momma Bug said...

Do you have that scary creature bumped bumped to an outdated post yet?
I DREAMED about him last night!
I have seen those guys before - NOT my kind of bug!
What IS my kind of bug, you ask?
I don't know...
More like grasshoppers or rolly polly's I guess.