Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1

Journaling the days while my husband is away, hoping to see that we filled them well, and in greater hopes of having them pass quickly!

AJ and the boys arrived home safe and sound last night at 11:30pm.
It is wonderful to have my boys back (although I must have a short memory, because I'd forgotten the amount of noise they add to the household!), but my time with my dear friend and husband was too short before he had to leave for Kentucky this morning.

We were all a little off-kilter as we unpacked clothes (CLEAN ones, thanks to Gramsie!), and figured out what the days ahead are going to hold.
I didn't try to make it a school day, though we need a couple more weeks worth before we're officially done for the Summer.

Zack discovered some "new" books I picked up at the thrift store, and poured over them much of the day. We napped early, and finished putting away the travel mess.
Later in the afternoon I had the children run off steam outside, and they played for a while with chalk.
They were barefoot, and Susanna found the remnants of a cactus off the edge of the patio - not happy!
I think I managed to get all the fine spines out - thanks to some tweezers I could actually FIND when I needed them!

For dinner we used left-over salmon, and made a spread which we thinly applied to tortillas, adding diced bell pepper, fresh spinach leaves, and sliced cucumber. We rolled up this concoction and cut into manageable-to-hold pieces.
Surprisingly, everyone ate it even though it was a bit off from the norm.
I was pleased.
I wasn't crazy about it myself. It was okay, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make it again!

The boys each showered (I can't believe they are big enough to do that themselves these days!), and I spent a little extra time tucking in tonight.

The "tucking in" routine is a hard one for me. No one wants to go to bed, and I'm pretty tired myself, so I haven't much patience for every last request - of which there are many, because if you multiply a last request times four, then again times say... three (what? You thought "last request" meant that it was the last?!)
Anyway, that makes for a lot of "last" requests (in case you hadn't deduced this yourself!).

I'd like to try a new tactic, but I'm not making any long-term promises. We'll take it one day at a time.
I'd like to have Bible time again in the evening (we have it in the morning usually) - probably focusing on the Old Testament.The Flood
I think that the novelty of having me read to them once they are in bed will improve their interest in Bible Reading.
My hope is to try acting out the chapter after I read it, so putting it into a bite they can really chew on and think about as they fall asleep.
I want to make the Bible something that comes alive for them, and I think this will help make it exciting!
Believe it or not, the Lord blessed my effort tonight - despite the obvious spiritual warfare going on with wiggles and distractions, but no need to drag it out.
Brief and to the point worked just fine, and we were able to pray together too - something we need to do more often.

Anyway, I got everyone tucked in and had the usual getting -up-fifty-times saga, but it was okay. I had done what was most important already!
I think it would be good if I could get on top of some of that rig-a-ma-role while AJ is away. It would be nice to know they will all stay in bed once tucked in. (YEAH RIGHT!)

AJ's cell phone decided not to work last weekend, and I'm pretty sure it is a priority to get it fixed.
However I had the pleasure of a nice long (and fun-filled) "chat" with him on the computer while I was ruling tyrant with the Little Bugs.

It actually made the evening load a little lighter:-)
After that, I completed my evening with an episode of All Creatures Great and Small which we've been enjoying through Netflix (Sorry AJ, you missed this DVD, but that's a price you pay leaving town for two weeks!).

Now a little blogging and off to bed.
Hopefully tomorrow will be great! I'm planning for it to be;-)
All your prayers are greatly coveted. I'll keep you up to date!



Morgan said...

Praying for you, Analene! You're such a GREAT mom! And, I can't imagine all of the "last" requests. Two of my boys are too young to ask for those (well, one can, but he's still stuck in his crib), so we only have Judah with those. And, it still seems like a lot. I can't imagine when they're all doing it. Too funny!

The Diane Story said...

Praying you're two weeks with AJ gone goes well. You are doing awesome!

SarahJane said...

That would certainly be hard to have Chris gone traveling. Seems I have been the one traveling with the kids lately, which can be difficult as well. I am going to San Antonio with the kiddos on Saturday to visit Jess and the gang there. It has been 3 years since we have been. Chris does not yet have much vacation time with the new job, so I will be going it alone. We are sure excited to go though. I think Jess and I will just sit and visit (in the heat) and watch the kids play all week!

2homeschool said...

Ten min. before I put them to bed I yell out... "If you need a drink of water or a bit to eat, get it now, its almost bedtime." (They have to ask what they can have for the snack, most of the time a piece of fruit)

Then no one is aloud to bed until they have brushed thier teeth and peed.

If they have to get up after they have climbed in for bed, they get a choice. Get up and have a conciquince, or stay in bed and no conciquince. All of thier needs should be completly taken care of before they get in the bed, so they should rarely have a justifiable reason to get up.

If I were you, with so many little ones, I would line your little ducks in a row in the kitchen and have them sit there quitely and wait while you take care of one childs needs at a time. Then do a chew-chew train walk to bedroom to change, then little ducks in a row again and march to the bathroom, have them sit in a row, while they wait for one child at a time to use the bathroom.

So, there is my idea.

Boy, reading back through it, I sure sound bossy. But I hope it helps, despite myself.


Faith Alterton said...

Oh Analene, if I were closer I'd come over and watch those "All Creatures" with you! Nathan's family introduced them to me long ago when we were still dating. So well done! Don't you just love the actor who does Sigfried?

And my heart is with you at bedtime. Five is way trickier than four for me so far! This week I plunked my rocker right next to the 18 month old's bed so I can boot him back in while I nurse Baby. And in between a million reminders to, "Shhh - it's sleeping time!" I try to read a chapter book to the bigger boys. (In my softest, soothingest, you-are-getting-very-sleepy voice!) Hang in there - they shower on their own. It can't be that much longer before they are tucking themselves in, and we'll be missing it so much! :)

grace said...

sure thanks!

Sisterlisa said...

Hello Analene! My name is Lisa and I'm friends with your mom and family in Chico. What a small world! I also make the graphics for the Homeschool Lounge for Tiany. Now I want to go find you there and request to be your friend. :O)

I hope to get to know you better. Your parents and siblings are a HUGE inspiration to me.