Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 4

Journaling the days while my husband is away, hoping to see that we filled them well, and in greater hopes of having them pass quickly!

Fried egg Friday started out with oatmeal this morning.

I was afraid there wouldn't be enough eggs, or that it would take me too long to fix fried eggs for nine or more!

The Love Bug/Smith sleep-over was lots of fun (without much actual sleep)!
Mrs. Smith graciously brought pizza for dinner, and we girls worked on scrap books .
To be fair, Mrs. Smith worked on HER scrap book while I yammered away about this and that, taking the occasional break to deal with my (getting to be) nightly tuck-in routine.

This morning while Mr's Smith stayed in the house with two sleeping babies, I took the other seven to the park next to our house.
We brought our new rubber balls and kicked them around, and practiced dribbling. Come to think of it, we probably spent more time chasing the balls, but we had a good time I think!

You should have seen the children on the slide! they looked just like
penguins sliding off the ice into the ocean! They were going down full speed ahead face first, on their knees, and every other way imaginable flying off the end! :-)

The rest of our day wasn't as exciting, but it was restful. There was naps, a visit with another dear friend, and legos.

Did I mention a rainbow? (I thought of YOU Jeana:-))

God's promises are good, and He is ever faithful!

Lately I have been thanking Him for the grace He extends to me in small ways.
You know, the ones where you smile and think "Wow! That was just for me! It had to be. No one else saw it!"
That's been happening a lot for me in the last few days... or at least my heart has been tender enough to

Thanks Lord.

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The Diane Story said...

You always capture the prettiest nature pics. Awesome shot of the rainbow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.