Friday, May 16, 2008

You Asked For IT!

MY QUIRKS (just a sampling)

Well I got exactly the help I expected, and if I was giving out prizes they would go to my sister Moll, who's known me her whole life, and my dear friend Super Momma who has remained my friend (despite all my quirks) for over 12 years!

1) Super Momma, I contest that I spill mustard on myself EVERY time I eat a hot dog! You can't exactly prove that for a fact, since I've eaten hot dogs out of your presence.
However by those observant peoples often in my sphere at meal times... it is a well known truth that I manage to land some morsel -whether small or large- on my person (and most especially when I am pregnant!).
Now... as to that ONE incident to which you are referring, it is not nice to keep the innocent in the dark:
It was a Sunday afternoon between church services, and two sixteen-year-old girls got lunch at Costco. Attempting to avert the inevitable disaster (and instead tempting fate), ONE of those girls covered every last inch of her front -from neck to knee- with napkins.
The rest is history!

I DO like Country music. It's true. See there was this really,really,really cute blond boy...

3) As to the way I used to dress, THANKS A LOT SIS! I admit that you might have hit this one right on the money (how's wearing your dad's old flannel shirt, with blue jeans you painted Bible verses and quotes on?). Here's the thing though, it didn't keep that cute blond boy from coming around! ;-)

4) I think it's a little quirky that I always kick off my tennis shoes without untying them - strange because I still have to untie them when I put them back on!

5) I've got news for you Super Momma, being able to "decorate" is NOT quirky. What IS quirky, is this:

decorating your room half-way (notice the left wall painted half-way up?), and being able to live with it indefinitely (that might be thanks to my folks, I'm not sure).

6) Quirkyness number 6: I am NOT a clean freak, but I DO like things to appear tidy on the outside. I'm a very good "stacker", but not a real good "scrubber", and I hope that's no indication of my heart's condition!

7)I prefer to wear socks instead of slippers, but I DO NOT LIKE stepping in something wet with my nice dry socks! (so those of you who leave puddles in the bathroom after showering, BEWARE!)

So... Molly, it is not my quirk that wouldn't let you touch that wobbly bed post - it is with great humility that I own that was strictly bossy-ness. I'm sorry that has stuck with you all these years!
I DO like green more than the average person,
and prefer my Safeway Select Rocky Road ice cream IN A MUG... but you forgot the part about having it with milk over it (this was on my
7 random things about me post).
Also... I do love to climb tree's though I have a hard time believing that I could like it as much as Super Momma!
I haven't climbed a tree in quite some time, and really, there are not too many to choose from where I live now.

Maybe when I come home this Summer?
Want to go tree-climbing with me Super Momma?

Diane, I DO remember your post now! (sorry about that!) And THANK YOU for obliging me again:-)

Oh, and one more thing... I have NO IDEA what you are talking about when you referred to my "funny"? faces??? PLEASE - no need to elaborate!

(Several Silly Sisters in a row!)


Faith Alterton said...

Analene - I'm with you on the wet socks! Yuck! No way to fix it but change the whole set. (And let's not even get started on the creating-needless-extra-laundry topic!) :)

2homeschool said...

Less then a week,...

It's been less then a week sence I was above my own hight in a tree.

PLEASE don't tell me the last time you climbed a tree was with me cause that HAD to be like four children ago, if you count yours and mine.

If so we will have to climb one while your home this summer.