Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week #7

Sprouting Grain

Part One
We recently bought some Hard Red wheat for the purpose of learning to make our own bread.
The grain mill we ordered hasn't arrived yet however, and the children and I are getting anxious to try doing something with the wheat berries!
Yes, we even ate some of those hard little buggers un-milled and uncooked!

While we are waiting for our mill to arrive, we decided to look into sprouting our wheat.
There is much information available on this subject, and at the bottom of this post I will give a short list of links to wet your appitite.
If this idea is new to you, please take time to check out these sites to learn for yourself.
I am not much for regurgitating information, but I will tell you that I was impressed by what I read!

Especially in light of preparing for an emergency where my supplies might be limited, I was excited to find a means of providing vitamin rich, living food that would meet my family's nutritional needs, as well as filling tummies.

Here are our dry wheat berries just out of the sack we bought them:

Here are our berries being soaked for the first eight to twelve hours:

Here they are after their second rinse:

Finally here are our wheat berries in day two, with little root tail sprouting out!

So far, we think we prefer them with minimal sproutage.
*I have added them to a sandwich (specifically mayo on bread with alfalfa and wheat sprouts, and
a slice of avocado)
*We have added several Tbs. as a salad topping.
*The children have eaten a Tbs. or so beside their apple slices and Carrots and peanut butter. (they also tell me that the sprouts are good dipped in peanut butter, but I have no idea how they managed that feat - these things are rather small to get a hold of one at a time!!)

We have some other ideas how we might eat our sprouts, but we are still in the experimenting faze. We'll let you know what we like as we learn by trial and error.

Here are some links you must look at!

This is just to get you started! I hope you get as excited about sprouting as I am!


The Diane Story said...

Well, I visited one sight and learned something. I'll visit more later...for now I'm tired. But I want to go add you as a link on my site. You are a plethora of knowledge my friend!

Love you!

2homeschool said...

Oh, my gosh...

I am sure this is where a good friend goes, "Oh, how wonderful"

You know me... "NO WAY!" I am Really enjoying my fresh bread, my no white sugar, no White flour, no dies, no preservitaves, home made dressings & LOTS of veggies, but I just can't picture my self eating sprouts...

Infact it brings that just pregnat felling of sea sickness just to look at the pictures.

That probably is the problem. I got really sick after eating sprouts one time... I don't know if it was the timing of trying something newish while I was pregnat or if it was the sprouts were contaminated or somthing, but I shall NEVER be the same. (Not that I liked them before that, I didn't)

Anyhow, not to burst your bubble. I am happy you have enjoyed it.

My husband came home with a hand grinder the other day from a used store... I don't think this is going to be what I need, however, it will be much nicer then nothing if we can't find a cheep electric one. I figure we can hand grind it and THEN stick it in a blender or something to make it fine.

Well, its VERY late and we are FINALLY done with our S.W.

So, I will head off. Thinking of you and I will be praying for Mr. & Mrs. Smith...

I am just begining to understand how she MIGHT feel, but I will have to tell you all about that on another day.

=-) I know mean me...


Momma Bug said...

So where is my GOOD friend when I need her?!!!

Thanks a lot!

SarahJane said...

Did you get your wheat berries at Whole Foods? I am interested in trying this out too. My sis has done this some I believe, and I am thinking that sprouts may be a good way for me to try and get the calories I need while nursing. I think you and I have the same problem trying to keep up with nursing. My energy and weight goes way down. Anyways...thinking ahead :). We are enjoying having a Whole Foods close by now that we are in Portland.
Looks like you had fun with snake school! My two would have enjoyed that too. They are not really afraid of much. That can be good and bad :)

Momma Bug said...

Yes! Whole Foods has a great bulk bin selection, but they will even let you order BULK directly from them.
Might be more than you want, but Sarah, there is a time coming not afar off that wheat will no longer be available!

You get their bulk for the same price per pound as what's on the floor plus tax, less 10% (or so).
It's much better than having to pay freight on a 100 lb. bag!

So, tell me what YOU like best at the Whole Foods store?

Suzanne said...

I love the photos- like a cooking magazine! This takes the uncertainty out of it. I always wonder, "Am I doing this right? Is this what it's supposed to look like?" It's not like I've ever ordered it in a resaurant, you know!

That snake is huge! (I'm skipping to another post here, I tried to comment yesterday but my computer wasn't cooperating for some reason)
Definetly NOT the kind to pick up.
I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day!


Momma Bug said...

You know boys though Suzanne,
Daddy Bugs first response is bound to be "so did you guys catch it?".
He wants them to be manly and all that stuff. I do too, of course, but I just tell him "hey buddy - that's what they have a DAD for!!!"

SarahJane said...

I am mostly enjoying the produce and bulk at Whole Foods. I don't get over there a ton, but enjoy it when I do. I also got my prenatal vitamins there. I have to choke them down, but they are great vitamins!
I would like to stock up a bit more on food as well. The problem is the lack of space where we are currently.
Question on the popcorn. How do you pop it? and how do you store it? We used to have one of the poppers with the turn handle, but eventually wore it out. Just curious what you use.