Friday, October 24, 2008

200th post!!!

Look how well I've kept up, and what fun it's been!

I started this blog just for my beloved parents and grandparents, and friends that I have removed my Little Bugs far from.
It seemed like keeping pictures and snippets from our day-to-day doings posted here was the best way to keep everyone in step with our life and the growth of the little ones.
I have had a ball!
As it turns out, almost 100% of the people I so diligently keep up this blog for, I never know if they look at it!
I believe they do, so I keep up what is mostly journal-like writing.

However, there has been an outcome to blogging which I never anticipated;
I have had the privilege of making some new friends out in the blogosphere which have been a wonderful encouragement to me, and have renewed some friendships with some gals that are a part of my ancient history:-)
These are the dear ladies who comment on my posts, letting me know that someone "out there" reads my blog! (and apparently enjoy it since they keep coming back) :-D

Thanks Ladies!
And thanks dear Grama's and Aunts and Sisters... for reading my blog faithfully - if in silence :-)

I would very much love to hear from any and all who peek in to my life here...
YOU are a huge encouragement to me:-)

Onward to the next 200!


Suzanne said...


Mommy Reg said...

Wow really! That is nuts. I started blogging in Feb of 2007 and between both of mine I am at 182. You are a blogging pro. I have to catch up. ;)

Ashley said...

Congratulations! I LOVE reading your blog Analene!

Julianne said...

I have your blog (& Blessed Quietness) on my Google Reader. I check it about everyday! It's fun to follow you on your fun adventure!

Faith Alterton said...

Amazing how time flies ... 200? Wow! I enjoy your writings very much, and I was just talking to Hannah the other day and she said she checks in as often as possible too. :)