Friday, October 17, 2008

Week # 12

Fall is in the...Kitchen?
Yes. Fall is not only out of doors turning the Tamaracks and birch golden hues, but it is displaying it's colors in my new kitchen towels!
(If you can find them beneath the piles of dirty dishes, that is.)

A few months ago I found a pretty set of dish towels at Costco. I bought them and split the package between my Colorado home and my Idaho home.
I must say they look especially "at home" here in Idaho!
Gramsie sent a box to the children and included a different set of towels that coordinated exactly with the ones I had bought at Costco!
To boot, I found some wash cloths that are the same colors, some of which you see here, though
this isn't all of them,

I picked up two sets of washcloths at wally world, each set containing 18 cloths.
My plan is to use them as napkins, and in place of paper towels. All-purpose rags, if you will.
I thought 36 would be LOTS, but now I'm second guessing...
I'm actually not using too many at present since I have no convenient way of washing them.
(but it's not really cost effective, or environmentally friendly I concede)

So... the lovely colors are not only going to me to enjoy the smells of wood smoke, and cider scented candles, but will hopefully inspire me to wash (and dry) that mountain of dirty dishes..

If not, at least they'll make a very pretty addition to the kitchen decor!!


Ashley said...

Cute towels!
Disposibles are my friend too. :-) One time when we haden't had paper anything for a while, and I was still doing all the dishes, I told my Mom I had dreamed about paper bowls! I had, and it was a funny dream.

Suzanne said...

"Disposable is my friend!"

I laughed out loud! You and I should have t-shirts made up!