Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Thing Worth Bragging About

I know it's lopsided.

I know it's browner on one end.

I realize that the frosting is full of lumps.

But Friends! I am
I baked this cake in a

And then made the frosting without my electric mixer.
(I doubt that the pioneer women would be impressed, but then they probably don't read my blog).
To date, I've made:
*and brownies.
I'm thinking of writing a cookbook:

Backwoods BBQ Baking
By Momma Bug

Copyright 2028

(2028 because I probably won't get around to writing it for another 20 years)

It will be a best seller though, because you all might decide to join the ranks of the backwoods hillbilly type like myself, and you will have to know how to utilize your resources.
By the time I publish that book, here are some other titles I might consider:

*What You Can Wear for a Week
(without smelling stinky)

*When Darkness Falls
A "How To" book on the finer points of
cooking dinner in a dimly lit kitchen,
finding your flashlight once you can't see,
and keeping wild animals at bay when your trip to the outhouse can't be postponed til daylight.

*Becoming a Mountain Momma
How one Momma learned that enjoying life, doesn't depend on circumstances

And I think this is just the beginning of my list. I have a feeling that creativity is boundless here!
I might even get better blog stats if I start posting some of the content that might be found in these future books:-)
The cake was really good!
(In case you wondered)


Suzanne said...

I would love a peice of that right now! I better go to bed before I raid the refrigerator:)

Good job! And I will keep my eyes out for those books... sounds like mighty good reading ;-)

Diane said...

You really should write some posts that would be found in those books. Curious minds want to hear...

Wow. SO proud of you Analene. You do impress me!

Ashley said...

Mmm, it looks good! You should totally write a book! (I am serious) Or write post's like Diane said.

Diane said...


You need to come over and visit my blog when you get the chance. "taking care of the body" discuss with AJ, and then let me know what you think. I'd love your thoughts!

Lady Jess said...

lol. Too funny! Hi, I am Sisterlisa's daughter.

heidi said...

I AM SO IMPRESSED!! My kitch**aid (yr 2001) ($1000 to get it fixed...saving for a new other brand) stove sometimes works so I am forced to cook on my grill often and have done some of what you've done but not quite as successful with baking...I've busted good stoneware doing this. You are one amazing, creative woman. I'd buy your cookbook!! ;o) Heidi