Sunday, October 12, 2008

Armor Against the Cold

With these new Walls quilted coveralls, the children spent all day outside twice in a row at 40 degrees!

That's great for my crew - we're not big fans of the cold. Or at least being cold:-)

The orange hats were a quick fix from the Army Navy surplus. I guess we left the nice cozy fleece ones in Colorado.

And regarding the color, I overheard Clay telling dad: "We were going to buy the black ones, but mom said she might lose us, so we got these instead!"

It's true. I thought it might be nice to see where all the little Buggie bodies were at a glance. If I can't spot them in neon orange, I'm in trouble!

Note the pink Crocs on Sue, and here she is in her pink tiarra.

She is such a girl! She totally dug having a pair of coveralls just like the boys, but trust Susie to "princess" it up a notch!


Diane said...

Leave it to Susie! That is SO cute!

Photo Momma said...

Dad says you are living out your dad's dream. I guess he used to talk with my dad about moving north. And the hats? Could be a good thing during hunting season so the children are not mistaken for animals :)

Ashley said...

They all look so cute! I love coveralls. Suz looks adorable in her's, 'specially with the pink! :-)

Momma Bug said...

Dear Rebekah,
It really is true. I remember my dad frequently talking about how he encouraged your folks to "live out" THEIR dream, and then at the time we visited your place sixteen years ago, he was shopping property himself.
I don't think he's been up here since that time, but he loved it in this area!!

How things change.

I am so honored to be married to a dreamer and what's more, a dreamer that has taken action!
We moved because we love it here, but also because it accomplished the vision we have for our family.
Convictions are worth changing your lifestyle for - even when it's difficult.

I hope my dad gets to come and enjoy our place with us.
That might be the best way to get him up here yet!

Faith Alterton said...

Aww - bet YOUR kids know what mittens are. Ours read Goodnight Moon and get to the "two little kittens and a pair of mittens" and just have blank looks. Told 'em they're like socks, for your hands. But they didn't really get it.

Love Susannah's accessories. :)