Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Dear Suzanne,

You laugh at me! That's alright, I can live with it!

Especially after all that I
don't live with at present:-)

You call me a romantic for speaking fondly of my primitive life.

I have no electricity,

no plumbing in my house,
hence no toilet.

It is dark,
and at times dirty.

Yet I love it.

It is the way of life that I like so much.

I don't really love the outhouse being so far away, but it is a reason to sing and joke with my children when I take them out in the darkness before bed.

I don't especially like the darkness, but it makes me stop whatever project I'm doing and get everything situated for the night - in addition to that, everyone's ready for bed earlier because the house is dim.

I don't especially like doing my dishes on the deck, but I do like the view over the sink!
It seems to be a perfect opportunity to meditate on God's Word, and have quiet conversation with him - something I haven't been forced to do in a long while.

There's just no option.
The lack of creature comforts forces me to "do my chores" NOW, or we don't eat dinner. I have to wash the forks from breakfast, therefore I have to remove myself from the house, place my hands in the soapy water, and look out before me at the Ceder and the Birch towering far over my head... I have to meet with God!

As it turns out, those chores are building character,
strengthening my family relationships, and pushing me closer to my loving Saviour.
He has always been here, but because there is less clamour distracting me... I can hear Him speak.
Or maybe I'm listening better.

It is a daily, and sometimes minute by minute decision to view the glass as half full - that is what cultivates a grateful heart!

I believe that a grateful heart is the key to thankfulness, and a joyful countenance is the unsought fruit that it bears.

I believe that what I see as being wonderful, is truly full of wonder!
If I dwelt on the unlovely, that would be just as real, and the fruit of that would be discontent and a withering spirit.
Who wants that?!!

So dear Suzanne,
I know that you too, are a girl who chooses to worship The Creator no matter your outward circumstances.

You have blessed and inspired me with your
own heart of gratefulness.

I may be a romantic, but if that's true...

...than so are you.



Mother Hen said...

So what's up with the wilderness life? I kne y'all had left, but I thought it was just a vacation. This is looking like a move. What gives? And how do you keep posting w/o electricity? Or maybe you're pullin' my leg.

Andi said...

Hmmm... looks like you've got some spammy comments!
Anywhoo, I love your sweet, contented spirit. Makes me wonder if all our "conveniences" are actually hindering us from doing our jobs. I have more than I've ever had before, but I'm lazier than ever!

Momma Bug said...

Mother Hen, I never know just how much detail to publish!
This is our new home - old home was in Ca where our family lives, and our most current home is in Co with AJ's brother and his work.

AJ now has the wonderful privilege of working remotely, so we are in Idaho trying to work on this home-steading project before the winter really hits.
(we're not yet prepared for a winter here).
We plan to spend as much time here as possible, so probably all of next Summer.

And I am NOT pullin' your leg!
I may be using carosine for light,
but The laptop is powered by generator!
We're moving up in the world!

Suzanne said...

Yes, that's true- I am a romantic, and I wouldn't want to go through this life any other way.

I think we are romantics because He is a romantic, and we are made in His image.

...just something to meditate on when you are washing your spoons:)