Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Baked Cornbread On the Bar-B-Q (and other things woth bragging about)

First though, here is a token photo to keep in good standing with grama's and aunties:

Okay, now for the bragging!
It is true! I baked cornbread on the bar-b-q tonight, but what's more outstanding is that it turned out even after we discovered that the regulator was broken and our 400 degree's was actually about 250.
More importantly it withstood critical scrutiny when all children and husband helped themselves to multiple servings:-)

As you may already know we don't have indoor plumbing up here... yet.
Besides that, our cistern (from which our water is pumped out o,f and gravity fed down to the house) was recently ran dry.
Because of this lil' fact, we are hauling our drinking and washing water from town in five gallon containers.

I have experimented with washing dishes several different ways, but I am getting close to a system:
We moved an old cabinet and sink up to the porch and placed a bucket under the sink to catch grey water.
I heat some water on our (indoor) gas range, then haul it to the deck with my dirty dishes.
I then soap up a pot that needs scrubbing, and use it as the basin for my utensils and cups.
I attempt to make a little water go a long way, but what escapes my pot is caught in the bucket under the drain.
The larger items require a bit of talent to get completely clean, but this is all pretty convenient compared to the old way of cold water washing and laying out the dishes on the grass to dry!
Everything feels a bit more civilized on the porch. We're moving up in the world - literally!

These two things are great achievements for me, and if I could figure out how to eat meals without getting any dishes dirty... that would be the crowning glory!

Apart from me bragging about my silly little self having to actually work (heaven forbid!),
I want to culmintate my post with something really worth writing home about:
My Children.
First let it be known that they have been the best of troopers traveling from one end of the earth to the other these last 10 months.
They have been sleeping in sleeping bags this whole time with nary a complaint!
It is true that after the grandparents and aunties and uncles, what they miss most is their bunk beds.
We'll be setting them up here soon!
Also, the Little Bugs have become more self-sufficient lately, doing all kinds of things for themselve that make my world turn a little more smoothly.
They also do things for each other and that is a real delight to watch!
Everyone is at Carolina's beck and call, and the four big ones have been playing so great together! I am finally getting used to hearing "mom!" or "dad!" called and actually meaning the "pretend" mom or dad.
I hope to elaborate on the fine men and women that are growing up under my eye.
For of all things I have to be truly proud,
I can't even take credit!

Thanks Lord!


Diane said...

Wow. What a system you have come up with. I amazed how sane you stay with all you have going on.

Glad to hear such a lovely report on the kiddos. They are amazing!

Love ya.

Photo Momma said...

Your cooking and kitchen skills must be getting challenged. I am impressed! And people think I have it bad because we don't have a dishwasher :)