Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet and Greet

We met one of our neighbors today.

We've seen him around but never actually introduced ourselves.

He's a nice enough fellow, but not very talkative.

He didn't tell us where he lives exactly, but made it clear he'd be back to see US again!

I think it's the food he likes so much.


It could be the over-all hospitality.

What do YOU think?


Mommy Reg said...

That is too funny. Your adventures are cracking me up.
I have given you an award, stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

Diane said...

That is hilarious. Never a dull moment with the Love bugs!

Ashley said...

That is funny! He looks like a Fjord.
About that door... for my 11th birthday my parents painted my bedroom for me, and I picked out all the colors. Advice, NEVER let a young girl choose what color to paint her room, until she is 13-14. Or 15. My walls are orange, the ceiling is green, (I like the green) Two of the doors are painted colors too. I got sick of it after about a year. I have the paint to paint it, I just need to find time to do it! lol. It will soon be cream walls, light aqua ceiling. I have colorful bedding, and a bookcase I want to paint aqua, and some art and things. So it won't be without color, just easy to switch around if I want to.

Momma Bug said...

More awards? How nice!

I don't know a thing about horses, but this guys mane is amazing!
Can't see it in the picture, but it is black all the way down the middle.

I hear you on the room paint.
I think all color is relatively easy to change though, and you have a sweet mother to let an 11 year old choose!
You would have always wished you got the chance.

Hair and clothes, on the other hand...
I think it's is just WRONG of mothers to give that over to their children!
There are some hair-do's I wish my mom would have put the nix on!!
Live and learn, eh Ashley?!

I'm putting some vibrant colors on my own walls right now. I'll have to show you when I'm done! ;-)


Ashley said...

Live n learn!

Ditto on the hair and clothes.

Moriah said...

My sister says it is an Fjord Horse! I think the color is amazing!