Sunday, October 19, 2008

Survival Math: 1 = 0

As frequently heard around our mountain retreat:

"One is none,

two is one,

and three is even better!"

What in the world is THAT supposed to mean?

That is the preparedness Maxim for: "Buddy, you'd better have a back-up for that much-needed item in case it doesn't work when you are depending on it!"

Originally when I heard this, it sounded to my skeptical ears like an excuse from a man buying two (or more) of any or all his most cherished manly possessions!
-you know,
One generator might not be "enough".
One knife might not be "enough".
One hunting rifle might not be "enough" and so on...

I have since learned to appreciate the value in this simple saying.
For instance when both the gas lanterns were incapacitated, I was VERY glad we had diversified our fuels, and had kerosene lanterns to fall back on!
Besides, who doesn't benefit from:

One ten-pound bag of chocolate chips might not be "enough"?

The boys have become savvy to the many uses of this "one is none..." business, and I'm hearing
survival math pretty often lately thanks to their dad.
But if you've never heard "one is none...", here's a saying you may be more familiar with:

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"
And that's the truth! :-D

(And here's why I love the new hats!)


Diane said...

That picture says it all Analene. Good thing you got the orange hats. They would blend right in otherwise! You were right!

So I guess you will be buying two of everything now, huh? That sounds like it could work to your benefit sometimes. lol!

Love you!

Ashley said...

I love those hats! And the new blog design.. :-)

Mommy Reg said...

I live by survival math. I love the hats those are just awesome.