Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Name That Tree

Yesterday's school was the identification of a tree at our cabin property:
The Larch, also called Tamarack is a coniferous tree (meaning that it bears cones) but loses it's leaves (which look exactly like needles) in the Winter after turning a vibrant yellow!

Larches seem to be exclusive to this area of North America according to a forest service map I found; and while they are now turning a bright chartreuse color, it will be a while yet before they are completely golden.

These are the Little Bugs renditions of the branch we brought into the house to look at.





And here's our "just-for-fun" project:

I know he looks little creepy.
I drew a circle for the head, and the boys and I passed it around, adding features and clothing - some clothing, that is. Note the hairy belly?
Zachary thought he was being clever to add "soopr man", and Clayton topped that with "steencr".
What can I say? They're boys!


Diane said...

Oh how very fun! The last drawing you all did is especially fun! lol Boys will be boys, won't they?

Haven't heard from you in a bit. Miss you!

Faith Alterton said...

Oh, I miss pine-ish trees! Nothing quite like the smell of evergreens on a cold morning. Lovely drawings, and I totally empathize on boys and Sooper-man leanings. :)