Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Will Work for Jellybeans

The boys didn't nap today and neither did I.
I decided that there were a number of chores that needed tackling, and you know the old adage
"No rest for the weary!"
(actually I think it's "wicked", but weary seems more fitting for my lot in life.)

Today I discovered that if I skip my own nap, I need a reprieve from answering questions at least.
The boys were antsy and needing direction. For some reason they weren't content to just play.

They had already completed their chores, and I hate to give them more work just to keep them busy when it is their rest time too. However, that's exactly what they needed today, and that's when it dawned on me:

A reward for work would motivate them...
I don't have any money to offer...

(a smoothy flavored collection)

"Okay boys! If you fill up this box with kindling I'll give you two Jelly Bellys...
If you bring some firewood up here to the porch for me, I'll make it three!"

Wow did they move!
I only wish I had given them a bigger job to do:-) But they fulfilled their end of the deal so I paid up in full.

That wasn't so painful, was it?!!


Anonymous said...

Jelly beans are AWESOME! If you ever need me to work, jelly beans will get ME moving. ;-)

Momma Bug said...

All in all Emmy, Jelly beans seem like a reasonable wage!
I'd love to have you work for me!
(I bet you're mom wouldn't give you up though!)