Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dark

I learned something new recently:

The children go to bed without a fuss...

In the DARK!

This might seem obvious,

but you see, I take them up to the bedroom...

in the dark.

With nothing but my little R.E.I headlamp.

They get into jammies...

in the dark.

situate their water bottles,

and climb into bed...

all in the dark.

Then I sit on their bed and read to them,

or make up a story,

or sing...

in the dark.

Then I tuck each one in, and give kisses...

in the dark.

Say all my good-nights...

in the dark.

And finally I leave them...

in the dark.

Amazingly, what I always dreamed of, happens...

In the dark, they fall asleep.

I've decided that there are some really nice things about not having electricity.

Such as...

the dark.


Suzanne said...

Oh, I love it!

I remember once a storm knocked our power out, and I got to use my candle holder from Colonial Williamsburg to travel up and down the stairs and through the house. Once the children were in bed, I decided this would be a great time to write my Dear Friend... with my dip pen and ink bottle. There was something very calming about no electrictiy; something natural and peaceful. Suddenly, power was restored. Appliances began whirring, florecents and incandecents shot on all throughout the house. It was awful. I thought- "This is how we live all the time and never think about it!"

How quiet and lovely a home feels without power.

I say all this as I type on my computer:) Romance aside, I am thankful for power. And I know you will be too. But for now, I love your romantic point of view. Bless you.


Kim said...

I have a night light.

And I'm okay with that.

Momma Bug said...

Aha! But I type on MY computer as well!
The generator is great, and the solar will be even better (no noise at all).
We only run the generator when AJ needs to do work from his laptop - usually in the evenings.
You're right , of course, about the romance.
It's a better way to live though, to dwell on the lovely. And it's only a matter of choice.

You know.

I think you are getting to be a pro at that yourself! ;-)

I totally hear ya! And when there aren't so many people in the house, or AJ is gone, that's when I especially like noise and light!
Night lights are good. Yessiree!

Photo Momma said...

What a fun post :) You are a great writer.