Tuesday, October 7, 2008

AWFUL Indeed!

I've been tagged for an AWFUL.
For an explanation of "AWFUL" please see Mother Hen.

This AWFUL is another 6 random things about me; because either the last things I exposed about myself weren't entertaining enough, or people are getting addicted to my weirdness.

Anyhow, thanks Ashley! If these don't satisfy the masses, I place that burden on your head:-)

Here're the rules:

*Link to the person who tagged you.
*Post the rules on your blog.
*Write six random things about yourself.
*'Tag' six-or-so other people at the bottom of your post
*And leave comments on their blogs letting them know they've been tagged.
*Let the person who tagged you know when you've written the post.

You asked for it!

1) I am a picker. I know this doesn't surprise those of you who know me - in fact it might be
relief to hear me admit what you've always suspected!
My children are often the innocent victims of this vice, but you'll never see wax falling out of their ears!

2) As neat as I am about earwax... I am not too neat where mopping the kitchen is concerned.
I only say this sad fact about myself because here in Idaho I believe I have an excuse:
With no indoor plumbing and presently no running water at all, I don't look for things to
spend my water on!
(Here I add one more thing; I did mop the two rooms upstairs - I don't relish putting my
bedding down where mice used to run rampant! Ugh!) Some amount of water is worth a lot of

3) I am SO GOOD at... um... something. Let me think what that is. (it just seemed like the right
thing to say here)
I am so good at stacking things? Yeah. Stacking things!
My mom always said I could make a room look actually CLEAN because of how tidy a
stacker I am. And that has paid off more times than I can count!!

4) I am not a jewelry girl. I like my plain-jane pearl earrings with the occasional sparkly dangly
thing, but you will seldom see me in a necklace.
My Mom-in-law made me a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace which I take great
pleasure in wearing on special occasions; and my mom and sister Emma bought me a
bracelet/watch - which I love to wear when I will need to live by the clock - but other than
that, it's my Sis-in-law Mamma K who is savvy about the accessories!

5) I don't wear make-up either, so I rejoice in my lack of "face" when I read posts like this one about the finer points of mascara!
Why don't I?
Several reasons:
A. Bottom line is that I'm too lazy to put it on and take it off every day.
B. What if I look good in it? People will think I actually look good, and on a day when I don't wear it I'll be asked if I'm feeling okay because I look sick! (Don't laugh - I know how this goes!)
Why not wear it once in a blue moon and hear people say how great I look!
C. AJ prefers me without it, and for the above reasons I'm glad to hear it!
Truth is, I love to please that man:-)

6) I can't see very well in the dark.
DUH! That's why they call it "dark" you're not supposed to see in it!
My husband claims he can, however, and he's either telling the truth, or has uncanny aim with his tickle fingers!
They say that carrots are high in vitamin A which helps you see better in the dark, but I eat lots of carrots. Doesn't do anything for me.
AJ says "au' contraire, my dear! If you didn't eat carrots, you wouldn't see anything at all!!"
(Thanks a lot!)

And that's the last of my strangeness for today.
I encourage you to enjoy some of the links in the above post (if you're not in the habit of perusing these blogs) because these gals are just plain fun!

Now, for this AWFUL - and with the understanding that you'll only do this if it will be fun for you- I tag:

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Anonymous said...

I am a stacker too! I can make my room look clean simply by stacking everything! ;-) My sister doesn't stck, though, and we share a room. *grins*
Mattie, Missy, and I once had a conversation (wow, it was a pretty long time ago!) about make-up, and we came to the same conclusion as you! Missy said (or was it Mattie? Can't remember!), "What if the guy I marry gets to know me WITH make-up, and then one day I wake up without make-up, and he'll be like, 'Who is THAT!!!'"
(Remember, THAT is the laughing out loud smiley. ;-)

Angela said...

I'm married to a "stacker" so that part made me laugh. Loved your "In the Line of Fire" post. Ah, life with young children...Fun!

heidi said...

ooh, I confess, stacker too...LOL. Consider yourself lucky cause I was going to tag you today as well, haha. ;o) Hannah is a picker too. The twins have eczema behind their ears and Hannah is always following them around ready to inspect and pick. such a mother hen.

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

ok sis! "I'M A PICKER" !!??!!!?! ANALENE...SIS...You don't say things like THAT!!! YOu have to word it different! lol Do you know what that sounds like??...Sounds like your a nose picker or something!!! lol YUCK!

Momma Bug said...

Well I'm glad to hear I'm not the only stacker!
Stackers RULE!!

There is just no nice way to phrase it.
It's true, I am a picker.
I am not proud of it, but neither am I vain.
A picker picks whatever needs picking - as Heidi pointed out!