Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Kind of Fall Day

Today is overcast and the air is moist with drizzle.
Another kind of Fall day - comfortable in it's own way. Dim skies and wet outdoors promote a desire for cozy, fire-lit indoors.

I wasn't quick enough to think of firelight this morning. Without electricity, fire has become more of a staple for light, than a luxurious means of promoting ambiance.
One needs it purely for mood sometimes though, and I wish I had thought of that this morning when we sat around the table singing Hymns during our morning devotions.

No one likes to sit at a kitchen table, legs dangling in the cold open space, nose dripping on the paper under your ice cube fingers.

I remember.

Cold feet are a part of this kind of day, and remind me of snuggling on the couch beside my own mom for morning devotions.
When the wood stove wasn't up to snuff, we'd gather close enough to see the flames and imagine warmth!

A cup of coffee was a constant companion to my mom - sometimes three in the course of a morning when children distracted her from where she had most recently set down the last one.
We often had a good laugh when a cold cup was discovered in the microwave (thrice reheated), or in the bathroom where mom had applied her "face" earlier in the morning!
And sometimes.... she gave us something hot to drink too!

Truth be told, I prefer Fall days in which sunlight appears as liquid gold, and the crisp cool air kisses your cheeks (instead of freezing your nose off) and your feet stay the perfect temperature.
That version is only part of this season's glory however, so when the next dim, cold, indoor day arrives - which may be tomorrow - I hope to remember the firelight, thick socks, and something hot to drink.

For everyone.

Those are the things that make the dreary turn to comfortable delight and sweet memories:-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Analene!
Sashy (Ashley) and I were wondering...a couple of posts ago, did you think that we liked Ben?
We were talking (laughing) about it, and Sashy thought we had better "set you straight".
We don't LIKE like Ben! :-)
I used to, a couple of years ago, but Sashy never did! :-)

Momma Bug said...


Anonymous said...

Ummm...What does :-P mean? :-)
Is it supposed to be a smiley with his tongue sticking out????
I don't LIKE like anybody! *laughs*

Momma Bug said...

Hmm, maybe so. I always thought it liked like a laughing face, but maybe a laughing face should be this one:


Yeah, that' better :-D
I understand - it's just that it's too fun to tease!
I was that age not too long ago;-D

Anonymous said...

I see now! I figured even if it was a tongue-sticking-out face, you were teasing! :-)
We don't find if you tease...
Love, Emmy

Anonymous said...

Mind. Not find. Whoops.
I changed AGAIN!