Monday, October 6, 2008


We're rich!
This is the road in to our cabin:

Our new deck,

And finally, a birthday princess in new birthday boots!


Mother Hen said...

Very beautiful. It's temporary though, right?

Momma Bug said...

The Gold is :-)
Our stay in Idaho is temporary too -for now.

Our hearts are growing more and more attached and we feel like it's home here. (Apart from missing family)

So after the gold...
I hear it is white here for a good six months. That is the season we are not ready for;
I mean, imagine an outhouse in the snow!
Lord willing, we plan to be up here all next Summer. Who knows what might transpire between now and then though, so we enjoy each moment as we have it!

Love to you Mother Hen:-)

Ashley said...

Wow, it's beautiful! Your deck looks so cool! How fun to sit out there and just drink in the view...

Diane said...


That deck is AMAZING! It must be indredible to sit out there and drink a cup of hot cocoa!

Miss ya!