Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm In Awe

I sit here on the couch tonight, with a smile on my face.
Meditating on a miracle that took place today.

Some people showed up at our house this afternoon-
- our new neighbors.

I don't think I can do justice to my awe and amazement, so let me just list a few of the pertinant details as they unfolded to me in the course of our visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor bought the 20 acres next to us on the same day we bought ours.
They found it online too.
From their home in Colorado:-)

They have four children which Mrs. Neighbor is homeschooling.
She is taking Shonda Parker's herbal home study course,
and makes their family's bread!
They are familiar with the Pearls, and the Above Rubies ministries.

These guys love the Lord God, believe that the Bible actually means what is says,
want their life to reflect that, and are willing to do crazy things because of it!

They recently packed up their children, dog, and chickens, along with all their worldly possessions to move to Idaho - for a list of reasons that nearly exactly matches our own.
Our new neighbors share a vision that is dear to our own hearts!
They are planning to build a house debt-free, and live off the grid...
how crazy can you get?

They left all their friends and extended family so dear to them, in order to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

So did we.

I can't believe that the Lord would see fit to bless us in such a miraculous way in order to confirm His love once again, and provide heaps of peace that we are just where we are supposed to be.

I am in awe.

In awe.


The Diane Story said...

Wow Analene. That is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing that. God is so wonderful. He always knows the bigger picture...and it is always perfect.

Mission Field Designs said...

That is awesome! My husband and I dream of being able to do that. But for now, the Lord has us where we are. We are learning the lesson of contentment.

It was nice visiting your blog! Your children are beautiful.

My God Given Mission Field

Ashley said...

That is SO neat. Going off grid is a wonderful thing.

P.S. I love Shonda Parkers Herb course! (I am only 1 ch. in, but I have skimmed through it. I also love her books.)

Sisterlisa said...

Analene your family is such a blessing.

I am nominating you for an award at The Homeschool Blog Awards. In the category of 'Best New Homeschool Blog.' You need three noms to get entered and I know you must have two other friends who would nominate you too. (((hugs)) Sisterlisa

They can nominate you here.

Momma Bug said...

Sister Lisa,

Thank you - That is a real honor!
Even that you come back to visit is pretty nice! LOL!! :-D

I DO have a new blog, and I definitely am new at homeschooling!
So thank you thank you:-)

Hugs back,

Ashley said...

Hi Analene! I nominated you for the Best New Homeschool Blog award too! Now you just need one more person to nominate you.


Momma Bug said...

Ashley, You're a Dear!
Thank you for the lovely encouragement to keep up the blog!


Suzanne said...

God is Good.
All the time.


Kelli said...

I'm just now getting to reading your blog, and truly wish I had made the time for it sooner. Your sweet, genuine, peaceful spirit shines through your words.

I too am in *awe* at the provision of the Lord to meet our every need beyond what we could ever hope for, or know to ask for. His ways are good - all the time! I'm so looking forward to getting to know you more and seeing how our Father will work out that which He has begun in our two families. You and your family are more blessing to us than we even thought was possible!! How could we doubt that Father would meet even these needs so abundantly? Apparently there are other "weirdos" like us out there! ;-)

Loving you more and more . . . .
Mrs. Neighbor

pamelaspurling said...

Mrs. Neighbor is one of my closest friends and you will be blessed to have her near -- as I am blessed to have her near or far!! You will find Mrs. Neighbor is indeed faithful *and* a faithful friend.

God is only good and His ways are past finding out. O, praise Him for His marvelous provision! --pamela