Monday, October 20, 2008

If God is Omnipresent...

...Than He isn't bound by time - which we know is true since he created time.

It was a long afternoon of running errands. Our family enjoyed lunch at the little store at the bottom of this hill since we had some mail waiting for us at the post office in the back room.

Later we waited in the van while dad and the boy-Bugs got lost in the Army Surplus store;
Then Susanna and I got lost in an antique store or two (looking for things we needed, of course!), and then finished off with Home Depot, the grocery store, and Wal Mart.
I took 4 out of 5 with me into those last two stores while AJ and Z went to Home Depot, and it was not a brilliant idea.
Hair-raising, to say the least, but that's frequently how shopping trips at seven in the evening will go. If you've tried it (with ANY number of children) you know what I'm talking about.

When we loaded our van for the last time this evening, it had just stopped raining.
My husband was quietly feeling concerned because there has been roadwork up on the hill by our house.
The kind of construction consisting of and excavator and dump truck on a one lane dirt road.
A road dubbed "The Cardiac" by locals because of it's steep grade.

Needless to say, our two wheel drive van packed to the gills, would be no match for a very steep mud pit.

Well before we turned off the highway, AJ and I, and all the little Bugs prayed that the Lord would mercifully carry us to our home beyond the torn-up road, that our van sould not faint if the way was drenched, and the clay soil slick.

When we arrived at the spot where all the equipment was parked for the night, the road was practically dry!
Thank you Lord!

I asked the children if they thought God knew we would ask him to get our van through that spot, before we prayed, and even before it rained?


Yes. Our prayer was answered before we prayed.
It was not coincidence that the road was dry. It mattered that we asked God to get us home somehow. He is not bound by time!
The road was dry before we got there - before we asked for it to be passable, but the Lord God, present everywhere and in all times, heard us speaking as He chose to lessen the rain, to keep the way firm, and to carry us home as we asked.
That's one of the infinite number of reasons HE is God. He can DO THAT!

We are home safe - by His mercy and undeserved favor.
The children are tucked in and sleeping soundly already.
I am glad to be reflecting on this event, because I am honored to belong to a God who is so kind.

Kind enough to listen to my prayers...
and answer me...
before I even pray them.


Mommy Reg said...

Yes God is so good. I love it when I realize that God answered my prayer before I even thought to utter the words. I am glad you got home safe. °Ü°

Ang said...

Yes, He is so good! What a beautiful reminder.