Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet and Greet (Part 2)

This here is Buster.

Or Crowie.

...Or Mellie.

There are
three Steller's Jays that visit our bird feeder, and all of them have been named.

We just don't know which one's which!

They all come to visit daily. The first to show up was Buster (I suggested we call him this, and Olivia approved, so that's how Buster g
ot his name)

Shortly after Buster, came Crowie (named so by Susanna; and th
is moniker cracks me up since I can't help imagining he's trying to be something he's not!).

And last of all Mellie (because once Susanna get's started, she's hard to stop!).

These guys show up and perch in the tree directly in front of the cabin. Then, when no one appears to be watching, one will swoop down to the porch rail, determine whether there's more food in the feeder, or whether there is a better supply on the ground (having been carelessly spilled by the last one to dine)

As I said, we can't tell them apart, but they ALL look this cocky and act as though WE are invading THEIR domain!

The food won't last forever Buster!

One day when it's gone, you'll think I'm pretty special!


Mommy Reg said...

Ha ha that is funny.

Diane said...

Well I think you are good for more than just bird feed! lol.

I love watching birds come to feeders. So cool.

So last nite...our power went out in the middle of the night. It was DARK and eerie. I couldn't help but think of you and your adventures. I said a prayer for you and thought how amazing you are turning it all into adventures. I kinda freaked out in the darkness. It was weird. So, I think you are that much more amazing now!

Love ya.

Momma Bug said...

You know Diane, I thank you for your prayers!
I need them!

But... I can't take much credit for being brave. It is very different when you are in town where we take for granted the light in the streets, and on store fronts - when that is gone, it IS very eerie!
Out here, it's more like camping.
You've go quiet and darkness, and with that comes the warm glow of firelight, candlelight, and the amazing star-lit skies!
It would be out of place for there to be a street light here.
I like it.
It's different, but I like it!
I think you would too:-)

Diane said...

I have no doubt I would LOVE it. I don't ever see it happening, cause Nate and I don't exactly share that vision right now...but I would love to raise my family in the country away from city life. Then there is my hubby to wants city-life and whose career is leading us we wait and see where God leads us. But, I love camping and being peaceful out in nature, so I love hearing your adventures. I can live vicariously through you for now!

Thanks for sharing...and I really do pray for you!