Sunday, October 12, 2008

If You Give a Moose a Muffin...

Introducing Momma Moose.

She stood on the path between the men, and their work destination at the creek.

I don't know about muffins, but if you have a maple tree growing in your yard... moose seem to like them too.
Momma moose found one in MY yard, and as she munched away on some leaves between the house and port-a-potty, this appeared behind her:

This is Baby Moose.

He (or she. I don't know my moose types real well) was littler than Momma, but very large still.
As you can see, moose look just like a cross between a horse and cow!
Funny looking if you ask me, but I didn't laugh out loud since I didn't want to get on Momma moose's bad side!

Zachary, who has been the confident outdoorsman since we arrived, just asked if we could move the outhouse closer to the house!
I'm glad sombody see's things my way!


Diane said...

Well, Moose are still better than bears, right?! That is a great shot of Momma Moose you got.

Momma Bug said...

So far so good, and I hope so!

Mario said...

When is moose season I hear they are good eat'n...

beingmolded said...

I just found your blog and a biog part of me wishes I bought he 20 acres next door to you! I love moose! My fahter almost ran into one on a DARK road in Minnesota when I was a child and I've loved them ever sense. Thank you for sharing!